My cousin asked why I constantly used the MSN title"Good Morning, Sunshine." I didn't answer his question because I didn't know how. Well, I have my reasons. It's kind of hard to explain becuase it's too complex. But i will try my best to explain.First, "Sunshine" is a one of my TV characters' nickname. Everybody in the drama,"Queer as Folk", called him "Shushine" because he is blond and has a great smile. He , from the outsider of the group to a the centre of focus, warms up everyone with his sweet smile. I like him that never gives up on everything and always knows what he wants. And the the title "Good morning, Sunshine" is actaully a line from this drama. His partner,Brian, calls him that when they wake up. I like that scene--it's heartfelt and showing a lot love in these simple words.
Well, I would like to find my "Sunshine." I want say this line to someone I can connect to when I wake up and see sun light spays on her face. That's My Own Sunshine.
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