The Beginning..........

Why do I need a new blog? I've got MSN LiveSpaces, BlogSpirit and Wretch and this is the fourth one. The blogs above work perfectly and why in the word would I need three blogs? Well, let's just say that I need to feel that I'm in the trend, not being left out. It's stupid, I know.

However, none of my friends know the existence of this blog and BlogSprirt one. I can write anything, say anything, do anything I want to and they won't even know it. So, it's a complete freedom for me to write anything.

P.S.好久以前的文章, 最近搬來pixnet是因為msn跟無名不是想像中的好用, pixnet是真的很人性化, 非常的好用,  我第一次如此輕鬆的blog大搬家
P.S.2: BlogSpirit其實還ok, 但是實在沒有辦法顧這麼多的blog所以就把帳號刪掉了, 下一個是無名不過要等180天才可以
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