Nothing makes more angry than people talking trash about homosexual. What did we ever do to you to make you hate us so much? Stop with all the stereotypes about us and start treat us like human being, not some kind of aliens. We are like you, a human being. We have feelings, too. Stop being ignorant. We are no different than you.

I'm sometimes glad I live in Canada where people are more open to this issue. I can still remember vividly about the sign my Eglish teacher put up in her class. The sign says that "Homophobia is as hateful as racism." God, I love that sign. Everytimes I walk pass her classroom and see the sign, I can't help it but smile. The sign always cheers me up.

But sometimes there are things that still get to me. Mike is my friend and he is a really nice guy, but he might be the most homophobe person that I have ever met. He loves theater and broadway show. At first, I found that quite charming because a straight man can enjoy those things without think be judged by other people. Then writing after a few blog articles about broadway shows, he started to defend himself that he is a sraight man, straight as American highway. It's his friends' comments that really get me angry. They started making fun of him as him going brokeback. Then Helen started to say that Mike and Bing should role-play like JD and Turk in Scrubs's "Guy Love." (this comments I have no problem with that.) Then it came Harry's comment, he said he's glad he is not live in Vancouver. WHAT THE HELL!!! What does that suppose to mean? If he is glad that he doesn't live in Vancouver and has to be part of the "guy love", then he souldn't come to Surrey because this bitching fag is gonna kill him. Those comments really make my sick.

Recently Mike posted a blog about a poem by 鄭愁予. It's a very beautiul poem, and it's a shame that I've never heard of this poet. The first comment was something about Mike posted something that is too deep for her to understand(Really? Then you should go to Chinese school). Then Harry once again posted a comment saying that Mike can post anthing as long as it's not about brokeback. When I saw that comment, it made me so angry that I almost want to run to the applied science building, find Harry and beat the hell out of him (well, I saw that comment at school so I can do that).

How can people be so insensitive toward a group of people. It really hurts me when he does that.
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