Here we go again with the journal   


Today has been hectic. Everything seemed so rush. It is 10:10 and I arrived at the gate. I got fined $1000 again for over-weighted luggage. Sigh~~ Mother would be very pleased. It's my last day at Taiwan. Is it well spent? I would say so. For the lunch I ate 16 I'd of steak. My aunt bought me two polo shirts. But the rest of the day was very rushed until the last half hour before leaving for airport. Now I am little sad leaving Taiwan.    


It is 10:20, it is already starting boarding. I am not in a rush to board the airplane. I am sad;(  


I lied. At 10:30, I went the gate and realized there was a second boarding room. No wonder the first boarding room is so small. But it is inhuman of them for designing a stair between the first and second boarding rooms. Do they know that some people carry their luggage with them? There are a lot of people boarding this plane. I checked with the counter that there is one sitting beside me and I hope it stays that way.  There are also a lot of south Asian passengers. I don't recall Vancouver having this many south Asians.  


Here I am bored. I'm trying to be文人(凱莉上身). Where is my home, Taipei or Vancouver? Although Vancouver feels more like home than Taipei does to me and I was kinda dreading for the first couple of months here in Taipei because I was lonely. Why am I so sad leaving Taipei? Although the balance is more leaning toward to Vancouver but to me they both are not completely home to me right now. What makes a home complete? Does it need a job, or my own apartment/house or even a special someone to complete it? I can't help but wonder?  


It is 10:50 and it is starting to board my rolls. I guess that's the benefit of sitting so back. 


When I arrived my roll. Shit!! There is someone sitting beside. My tactic failed huge time. And he is old. 所以我必須要理讓他!! Double shit and sad.  


It’s 11:30 and the plane takes off. Good Bye Taiwan. Hope to see you again soon.

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  • wintermemory
  • hum... i thought they don't allow any electronic device when the plane's taking off...
    were you using your itouch to write this journal and if it's true, don't tell me it's on when you put down "the last line" exactly when the plan is lifting off... because you will get fined again!! XD
  • wintermemory
  • btw... i know exactly how you feel... it seems common between the people like you and me... I feel like... Inuyasya. don't know where we actually belong because we feel so incompleted in either side... And who should we actually blame to? Our parents who brought us here at the wrong time? Or...
    Sigh... come here.. let me give you a hug... 英雄所見略同阿!!